What you need to know exactly what the engine serial number?

Very often employees of the companies serving the engines Cummins, hear from customers: "Why do you know exactly the number of the engine? I can tell you the model and volume. Do not you can pick up a spare part for these parameters?" 
The fact that there really are. 
This is due to the fact that the company constantly upgrades Cummins produced models and parts already issued. And this means that your engine, released in 1992 under the brand name marketing ISBe4, continually studied in laboratories Cummins, and engineers have made hundreds of changes to the design elements to improve the parameters of the engine. And come from the factory in 1994, the model had little ISBe other nozzles little bit more of a cam sleeve, and solid rods instead of broken. 
If you ordered this or that part is not knowing the exact serial number of the engine, the more likely it would not be suitable to your engine. 
The engine serial number (ESN) - this is the main and important source of information of any engine Cummins. Through this number can be found on the engine almost everything from the factory, and ending with the number of parts of the checklist (CPL).

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  • What you need to know exactly what the engine serial number?

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