Oils and greases

logo petronasAgrotehservis Company is the official supplier of products Petronas Company in Russia. Assortment of oils and greases is a few lines of oils for all units and aggregates of various types of technology.

Petronas Lubricants International - it is an international group of companies operating in more than 20 countries in the sector of lubricating oils. Petronas Lubricants is engaged in production, distribution and sale of products such as lubricants for engines and transmissions, high quality and performance cooling fluid for cars, motorcycles, industrial and commercial transport, agricultural equipment and machinery for of agrotechnical works as well as for other industrial applicability.

Petronas Lubricants maintains trade relations with several major OEM partners worldwide. All who trust Petronas Lubricants , from manufacturers and ending with the end user can rely on the help of experts as a high-class, and the products, the quality of which meets the requirements of security. These products are characterized by high performance and low cost, and adhere to the principles of environmental protection.

Petronas Lubricants can be proud of more than 30 different brands of which are Syntium, Sprinta, Selenia, Selenia Moto Rider, Urania, Paraflu, Tutela, Ambra, Akcela and Arbor. The best products, such as Selenia , Syntium and Syntium Moto, were developed based on technologies tested on racetracks European Rally Championship, Formula One World Championship, Moto GP. Petronas Lubricants is a technical and commercial partner of FIAT AUTO, which is designed for brands such as Selenia , Tutela , Paraflu machines for FIAT, ALFA, LANCIA. Thanks to close cooperation with FIAT AUTO, Petronas Lubricants is continuously introduced into the manufacturing process of its products innovations that are ahead of their time and meet the highest standards in the automotive industry. Petronas is also working with such companies can both Mercedes AMG ( ), Iveco (Petronas Team De Rooy), Case & amp; New Holland.   Petronas delivers in the lubricants industry standards relevant to the future, and receives for its products exclusively technical specifications and recommendations of use, placed in the operating instructions and maintenance.

Petronas Lubricants part of the group PETRONAS (Petroliam Nasional Berhad), the Malaysian oil company founded by August 17, 1974. Firm Petronas has transformed into one of the largest integrated oil companies in the world with strategic investments in more than 30 countries. The group has been active in the oil sector and is one of the most important players in the global market for liquefied natural gas (LPG). Petronas - a brand that is known all over the world also because the most important is the sponsor of motorcycle racing world. Four and two-wheeled racing lines, Petronas is also famous thanks to the success of its prestigious brands, from a technical point of view as they are winning in competitions.

  • OEM specification oil and service fluids manufacturers of cars

    In addition to the classification of oil by SAE viscosity grade and quality kvalifitetu API, many manufacturers produce their own equipment specifications for oil and grease. They are called specifications OEM.

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  • Performance qualities of oil API classification

    For API oil classification involves assigning indices oils, according to their quality after passage of a series of tests. The classification was introduced in 1947 by the American Petroleum Institute (American Petroleum Institute).

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